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Ace of Wands      

Ace of Wands

According to the Book of Toth:  This card represents the essence of the element of Fire in its inception.  It is the solar--hallic outburst of flame from which spring lightnings in every direction.  It is the primordial energy of the Divine manifesting in Matter, at so ealry a stage that it is not yet definitely formulated as Will. 

to the magician, electricity and magneticsm are but two mainifestations of a single principle.  The ancient Egyptians named this principle Sekhem.  they said it "dwelt in Heaven" and described it as the power of god.  (Magick and the Tarot, John Willis).  

From Guide to the Pythagorean Tarot, John Opsopaus:  Wands relate to the spiritual realm, creativity, imagination, inspiration, illumination, mysticism, burning purifying, fire, divine fire. 

De Baculis

the fervent Wands, convery the force of fire,

their Heat expanding upward, subtle, pure. 

With Dryness they impose what they prefer

for ideal forms ignite the will, inspire.

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