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Welcome to my cyber homestead in the vast territory known as the World Wide Web. It has taken a bit of time to organize my little corner of cyberspace, it seems I am always changing my mind as to how it should look.

  Digital Art  
Digital Art is a rather new form of art which is generated on the computer. There are many programs which are available which program form "tools" much like the traditional pen, pencils and paints. With the popularity of digital cameras more people are enjoying the freedom digital or pixel art presents. The images I have created have evolved from 3d models through a variety of steps. I hope you enjoy my artwork.

The images have been created using a variety of programs, Poser by Curious Labs, Bryce by DAZ, Photoshop by Adobe, Painter by Corel, Paintshop Pro by Jaasc, and Ulead's PhotoImpact Pro, form the foundation of tools.

The images are available by permission only. I retain the copyright on all images. If you wish to use any images found here or if you wish to contact me regarding image licensing, commissions or creating computer generated graphics email me at lorraine@lorrainesworld.com

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